Thursday, February 28, 2008

New York/Soho Photo

Soho Photo gallery, Tribeca

Last night I participated in an architectural photography panel discussion sponsored by the ASMP at Soho Photo on White Street, which is actually in Tribeca. There were four panelists: Paul Warchol, Albert Vecerka, Adrian Wilson, and myself. Paul is one of the most noted and successful architectural photographers in the field, and Albert is a younger, prodigiously talented ESTO photographer who assisted for me a number of times years ago.

Adrian Wilson, I wasn't familiar with, but he seems to have arrived in New York from England a few years back, and has ended up working for all kinds of big clients, and claims to shoot interiors with one lens and no lights. His work has its punchy qualities, but I much prefer Paul and Albert's photographs, which both exhibit great visual intelligence and sensitivity, even in the service of client assignments.

We each presented our work before a crowd of about 40 people, mostly photographers. I showed a quick overview of my architectural photo career as well as a few images from my art/documentary projects. Albert walked us through the process of several photo shoots including a series of photographs of the historic motel site and adjoining museum where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

The event was organized by Nicolai Froelich, who has assisted me on various photo shoots, and I think the whole thing came off rather well.

Behind my office on Stanton Street (a few days ago)


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