Views of
Princeton University

by Brian Rose

In the fall of 1998 and the winter of 1999, I photographed the campus of Princeton University. These images combine familiar views of the outstanding architecture of Princeton with glimpses of less familiar,  hidden places.

(All images can be clicked for larger size.)

Photographs ©Brian Rose

t-gate.JPG (26135 bytes)
1901 Hall

t-arch-steps.JPG (11136 bytes)
Blair Hall
t-Alexander-Nassau.JPG (33774 bytes)
Alexander/Nassau Hall

t-columns.JPG (23259 bytes)
Clio Hall

t-Chapel_banner.JPG (9866 bytes)

t-Joline-arches.JPG (28897 bytes)
Campbell/Joline Hall

t-Nassau-sculpture.JPG (34457 bytes)
Nassau Hall

t-Firestone.JPG (32247 bytes)
Firestone Library

t-Cottage_Club.JPG (25187 bytes)
Cottage Club

t-Prospect_House.JPG (29156 bytes)
Prospect House

t-Prospect_snow.JPG (27501 bytes)
Prospect House

t-gothic_horizontal.JPG (30294 bytes)
Little Hall

t-Graduate_College.JPG (36439 bytes)
Graduate College

t-Wyman House.JPG (69522 bytes)
Wyman House/Graduate College

t-Holder_tower.JPG (32108 bytes)
Holder Hall

t-courtyard_snow.JPG (31115 bytes)
Holder Hall


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