Trenton Bath House

Trenton, New Jersey
Louis I. Kahn
© Brian Rose

One of Kahn's early projects, the Trenton Bath House was built as part of a Jewish community center. It has remained in use since its construction in 1954. After gradually falling into disrepair, the Bath House is being restored by FMG Architects of Princeton.

I visited the site with Michael Mills, FMG partner and leader in the effort to save the building. In a few hours on an overcast winter day, I snapped a series of photographs of the building and adjacent pavillions --also designed by Kahn--that documents the state of the architecture only a few weeks before partial demolition and rebuilding began. I have since made photos of the completed restoration--more to come once the landscaping has been finished.

The architectural importance of the Bath House far exceeds its modest size and prosaic materials. Kahn wrote of the Bath House: From this came a generative force which is recognizable in every building which I have done since.

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