Some years have passed. Songs have been written, some performed, some recorded, some hidden away, The songs on this page have largely resided in the darkness. But like most things they eventually find their way into the light. Here then are 12 songs from my archives--skeletons in my closet--for you to pick through as you may. They were all recorded in one day, without accompaniment, mostly live first takes. They are the bare bones of songs. Greg Anderson twisted the dials.

There's a skeleton in my closet
A moment of regret
A swinging lightbulb burning
A naked silhouette

The bare bones of stories
The chalk white outline
The dog that paws the flowerbed
The bloody valentine

Skeleton in my Closet
Woman I, Woman II
The Decision
Tenement Stairs
With a Soft Touch
Radar and Lakeeda
City of Dreams
Weather Report
In from the Cold
The Moral of the Story
Deep Blue Night

Music and Text © Brian Rose

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