1. The Magic Kingdom* 
2. The Street 

3. Fever (La Lune)* 

4. In the Mirror 

5. St. Brigid's
6. Open All Night 

7. The Danger 

8. The Swan 

9. Burn Burn Burn* 

10. Cities on the Aerial Paths of Communication 

11. Old Factory Town* 

*Produced by Suzanne Vega 

Brian Rose - guitar & vocals 
Jon Gordon - electric guitar 

Anton Sanko - keyboards 

Marc Shulman - octave mandolin 

Lisa Gutkin - violin & viola 

Greg Anderson - bass 

Frank Vilardi - drums 

Suzanne Vega - vocals 

Judy Dunleavy - vocals 

String arrangement 
for St. Brigid's - Lisa Gutkin 

Executive Producer - Suzanne Vega 

Recorded & mixed by Steve Rosenthal 
Mastered by Mark Avnet 

At The Magic Shop, New York City 

All songs copyright 1991 Brian Rose (ascap) 
Outsider Art Productions, Inc. and Brian Rose 



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