Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New York/Just Like I Pictured It

East 14th Street and Third Avenue

The weather has been spectacular lately, and I have been out shooting as much as possible. I am still photographing a long list of buildings for a client–almost done now–and wish there was more time for other photography. On Sunday morning I zipped over to East 16th and Third Avenue to grab one of the buildings in the best light. Then, as I was heading for the subway, I found myself standing at East 14th and Third Avenue, the northwestern corner of the Lower East Side project area. I pulled out my digital camera and snapped a few shots, liked what I saw, and set up my view camera. The picture above is similar to the 4x5 film frame. The new building at center is one of the many residential towers going up along Third Avenue and the Bowery. The light was sharp, the air crisp.

View looking north from the West Village

New York, just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers and everything!

On Monday, after a day working with my assistant Chris, we went up on the roof of my apartment building to catch the skyline against a cloud studded backdrop.


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