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New York/Green-Wood Cemetery

Pierrepont Family Memorial, Green-Wood Cemetery — © Brian Rose

Designed by Richard Upjohn, architect of Trinity Church and the entrance gate to Green-Wood.

From the Green-Wood website:

Henry Evelyn Pierrepont was known as the “first citizen” of Brooklyn for good reason. He, along with his father Hezekiah B. and mother Anna Maria before him, played a significant role in the planning of Brooklyn as a physical city, its crucial ferry services to New York, and the establishment of Green-Wood Cemetery itself. He is considered by some to be one of the first “city planners” in the United States, a logical evolution from his father’s status as the first important suburban (Brooklyn Heights) real-estate developer in American History. Pierrepont Street in the Heights commemorates the family to this day.

New York/Coney Island

Coney Island boardwalk — © Brian Rose

It was a humid, though not particularly hot, day in Coney Island. Languid, drained of energy. Brendan rode the Cyclone with his uncle Willem visiting from the Netherlands. I declined. Took a few pictures around the roller coaster and up on the boardwalk. Had hot dogs at Nathan’s–boys with inflatable flag rifles playing. Showers moved in, and we retreated to the subway for the ride back home.

The Cyclone roller coaster — © Brian Rose

Nathan’s Hot Dog picnic tables — © Brian Rose

New York/Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Brooklyn — © Brian Rose

Not final until the acquisitions meeting in a few months, but I think I can safely report that the Museum of Modern Art is purchasing two of my prints. One from the Berlin: In From the Cold series, and one from Amsterdam On Edge.

Two very serious 4×5 pictures–unlike the orange cones and pink elephant above. But hey, can’t be serious all the time.

New York/Vinegar Hill

Hudson Avenue and Water Street — © Brian Rose

Vinegar Hill is a small neighborhood in Brooklyn located between the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Dumbo. Go here for a map.

We did a long walk on Monday from Williamsburg to Dumbo, over the Brooklyn Bridge, up Broadway, and then over the Williamsburg Bridge to make a full circle. About 10 miles.

New York/Brooklyn Heights

Plymouth Church, Brooklyn Heights (4×5 film) — © Brian Rose

On a recent assignment, I photographed Plymouth Church for the magazine America’s Civil War. This was the church where Henry Ward Beecher, the famous abolitionist preacher, delivered his sermons. Beecher’s sister was Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the best selling anti-slavery novel. Abraham Lincoln sat in one of the pews at right listening to Beecher the day before his Cooper Union speech, which helped propel him to the White House.

Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.

Abraham Lincoln by Matthew Brady

Lincoln was originally supposed to give his speech at Plymouth Church, but as I was told by the church historian, Brooklyn was deemed too difficult to get to for the invited dignitaries. The Brooklyn Bridge was not constructed until 1883. So, the location was changed to Cooper Union in Manhattan. On his way to Cooper, Lincoln stopped in Matthew Brady’s studio at Bleecker and Broadway and had his portrait taken. Brady later documented the Civil War, and his photographs remain some of the most powerful depictions of war ever made.

New York/Bensonhurst

New Utrecht High School, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
© Brian Rose

Went back to Bensonhurst to photograph a new cafeteria wing for New Utrecht High School. The building, from the 1920s, is somewhat battered like many New York City schools. The entrance with imposing pediment and columns has blank green doors with one small barely visible handle. Above, etched in stone are the words of William Pitt: Where Law Ends, Tyranny Begins. Directly below, in case one does not get the message: No Deliveries Allowed At Main Entrance.

New Utrecht High School — © Brian Rose

Portraits of U.S. presidents in the main lobby of the school. American history stops at Clinton.

New York/East New York

East New York, Brooklyn — © Brian Rose

East New York, Brooklyn — © Brian Rose

Walking to the subway station at Broadway Junction in East New York. Stop. Toy Story poster and red wall. Walk forward. Stop. Bus shelter with seated people and figures high above.

New York/Bensonhurst

Under the El in Bensonhurst — © Brian Rose

I was in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn scouting for a client. I’m photographing a new cafeteria addition to a large public high school. The neighborhood around the subway stop is an absolutely crazy hodge podge of shops: King Henry’s entertainment kingdom, two pet stores–La Bella Pooch and the Puppy Boutique–a fresh fish store, a gunshop, the Him and Her Cafe–which serves colorful drinks to Asian people–a Columbian fast food restaurant decked out in bright orange with multiple TVs hanging from the ceiling, a car audio shop with its windows filled with dozens of trophies won for, you guessed it, car audio systems, and a photography studio, its windows filled with kitschy weddings and graduations, etc. This was all on two blocks of street under the elevated D train line, and I’m leaving stuff out.

Bensonhurst lions — © Brian Rose

Him and Her Cafe — © Brian Rose

La Bella Pooch and the Puppy Boutique — © Brian Rose