New York/Cooper Union

As a proud alumnus of Cooper Union, my appeal to the administration for a statement regarding President’s Trump’s immoral and unconstitutional executive order:

We urgently need a statement from Cooper (Laura Sparks/BoT) condemning President Trumps’s executive order against refugees and Muslims. Cooper Union has always stood for religious and racial diversity. This is a moment when that commitment needs to be reaffirmed in the strongest and boldest terms.

Echoing the constitution, Peter Cooper said, “Neither my own religious opinions nor the religious opinions of any sect or party whatever shall ever be made a test or requirement, in any manner or form, of or for admission to or continuance to enjoy the benefit of this institution.”

The president’s actions violate American principles and pose a threat to Cooper Union and other institutions of higher learning dedicated to free inquiry, inclusiveness, and the nurturance of community across borders both physical and spiritual.

Cooper Union must take the lead and speak out.

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