New York/Prince Street



prince_bariPrince Street between Elizabeth and the Bowery — © Brian Rose

New York minute. Three picture sequence.


3 thoughts on “New York/Prince Street

  1. Fran

    Hello Brian,

    I loved your photos, they are very eye opening. I wanted to suggest, the next place that will change dramatically will be the old “Hells Kitchen” area near the west side rail yards. Once Hudson Yard’s Towers go up, along with additional skyscrapers to come, the people, the streets and the transit systems will change. Unlike the meat packing district, a whole new metropolis will be built marking one of the biggest redevelopments in New York City’s history. It may be a good spot to start a new photographic transformation timeline.

  2. admin Post author

    You are the second person in a week to suggest this. I am thinking seriously of getting out there this spring. Thanks for your input.


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