New York/Super Bowl Blvd.

Ok, if you’re a New Yorker I don’t need to tell you this. Don’t go to Super Bowl Boulevard — the stretch of Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square that has been turned into a writhing mass of football/commercial hysteria. You don’t need to line up for an autograph with — I couldn’t tell who it was — or line up for a slice of Papa John’s Pizza — or get your picture taken with a Disney character — or line up to see the actual Vince Lombardi Trophy — or line up to see whatever is going on in the various temporary structures set up in the street. There must be something in them to see because everyone is lining up.

But I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures for those of you with the common sense to avoid the area at all costs. Here are six random pics.









2 thoughts on “New York/Super Bowl Blvd.

  1. Steve Addabbo

    Looks like hell to me>>>How did NY get in on the NJ Superbowl anyway?? Football is a great game but this is just greed.

  2. admin Post author

    I like football, too. But The hype and commercialism is so over the top that it overwhelms the game itself. I think New York got the game because of $$$.

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