New York/Post-Sandy

Grand Street, Soho — © Brian Rose

There’s hope in sight with ConEd’s Twitter statement that power should be back on in lower Manhattan Friday or Saturday. Although Halloween was essentially cancelled, things were still pretty spooky in the zombie zone between “Psycho path and Boo lvd ( see above).”  Stoplights are not working, which means that pedestrians and cars are playing a potentially lethal game of chicken. Food is scarce, and downtowners wander in search of a charge for their phones. On the one hand it’s mostly about temporary inconveniences–on the other hand there are numerous elderly and disabled people stuck in high rises. As I understand it, volunteers are going door-to-door checking on people, bringing water and other supplies. Meanwhile, uptown, everything is open and people are shopping.

And a pet peeve: I hate, hate, hate, seeing all the artsy faux film instagram pictures of hurricane damage.