New York/Lower East Side

I went with my ICP class, Photographing New York, the Lower East Side, down to Orchard Street for a group shooting expedition. One of the goals of the class is to produce a book of our photographs using Blurb, the online book service. Normally, there are ten sessions, but thanks to Hurricane Sandy, the time frame has become rather compressed. So, rather than waiting for each student’s individual projects to take shape, I decided that we would work together on two specific LES locations, over a two week period.

On Monday we spent three hours shooting Orchard Street from end to end–Houston Street down to Division Street. Orchard remains the Lower East Side’s most iconic street, it’s 19th century architecture relatively intact, and it is the location of the Tenement Museum. The day was sunny and very warm for this time of year–in the 60s. I shot pictures along with the class using my pocket digital camera. Here are some of my photos:


Orchard Street — © Brian Rose


Rivington at Orchard Street — © Brian Rose


Orchard Street — © Brian Rose


Orchard Street — © Brian Rose


Orchard Street — © Brian Rose


Orchard and Division Street — © Brian Rose

Additional photos here. 

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  1. Frank Mazzetti

    beautifully demonstrate the transition of the street and neighborhood.

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