New York/Aftermath

Soho after Hurricane Sandy — © Brian Rose

The thing that isn’t adequately coming out in the media is that unless power is restored to lower Manhattan soon, there will be humanitarian ramifications to deal with. There are no stores or restaurants open downtown below 25th Street. No supermarkets–only a few bodegas and/or delis, which do not have working refrigeration or the ability to replenish stock. The subways are not running. The streets are utterly dark at night, and elevators are not working.

For young, healthy individuals, this is all just a major inconvenience. Above 25th, the city is bustling. But for thousands of elderly, less mobile people, the situation is undoubtedly getting dire.




2 thoughts on “New York/Aftermath

  1. Fred King

    Love your images of SOHO, Brian! I was just there before Sandy hit, while visiting from Seattle.

  2. admin Post author

    The emptiness was stunning. Not since the late 70s when I first came to NY–before the wave of galleries moved in–have I seen Soho look that vacant.

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