New York/Interview


EV Grieve, the popular East Village based blog, has run an interview with me. It includes my thoughts about photographing the Lower East Side as well as my take on the neighborhood today.

From the interview:

People don’t understand that in 1980 the LES was hanging on by a thread, every night the sirens wailed as one more building was torched, one more life was snuffed out by drugs or murder. Yes, we saw ourselves as heroic artists scratching out songs and paintings against a backdrop of urban apocalypse — you can see it in the pictures — but that time is gone forever, for better or worse. As I write in “Time and Space,” the future is rushing in, reoccupying the old tenements, and transforming a place known more for the slow resonance of its history. Even my photographs from 2010 are beginning to look like artifacts of a time gone by.