New York/Time and Space Review

Review in Conscientious

From Joerg Colberg’s review in his highly respected blog Conscientious:

Anyway, what you can take away from Time and Space on the Lower East Side is that its maker really loves the city and, of course, that he is a very good photographer. The images all were done with a large-format camera, so they offer a carefully constructed frame that might or might not be filled with a lot of life and details. It’s not necessarily a New York I’ve seen too often in photographs, and I really enjoy looking at the combination of cityscapes, street scenes, and details. Various of the spreads pair the same or very similar setting thirty years apart – things have changed, and they haven’t.

Maybe all that talk about money really is just surface, and underneath, New York – or at least Manhattan’s Lower East Side – simply is what it has always been: A pretty great, unique place.

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