New York/WTC

1 World Trade Center — © Brian Rose

I went down to the area around the WTC yesterday–January 1, 2012. Above is the view of 1 WTC, still not topped out, from Broadway and Ann Street. St. Paul’s church is to the left of the tower. 1 WTC is now around 90 stories with 14 to go. It still appears somewhat stubby for such a tall building, but I think it will look slimmer once the triangular facets extend all the way to their apexes. A large spire will go on top of the flat roof, which will greatly exceed the height of the previous Twin Towers.

Church Street — © Brian Rose

Nearby on Church Street  I took a photograph looking toward the WTC site, 4 WTC can be seen rising in the rear. An ad for the upcoming movie about 9/11–Extremely Loud Incredibly Close–can be seen at left in the subway entrance. Both photographs were shot in 4×5 negative, but the images here were made with the digital camera I use for my blog.

Two relevant stories worth noting. The 9/11 museum and the Port Authority are feuding about money, and it appears that the opening of the museum will be substantially delayed–now more than 10 years after 9/11. Article here. A muslim police cadet, Mohammad Salman Hamdani, killed on 9/11, who was initially suspected of being involved in the attack, but later exonerated and honored as a hero for his actions, has had his name relegated to an obscure part of the 9/11 memorial reserved “for those who had only a loose connection, or none, to the World Trade Center.” Article here.