New York/Lower East Side

Some updates on Time and Space on the Lower East Side. We are looking at a mid- to late March release of the book depending on how long it takes for the shipment from the printer in Germany to arrive by sea freight and to clear customs. I expect to have a small number of books sent to me before that, which I can then start using for promotional purposes. I am working on venues for a slide talk and  book launch party, probably separate dates in March. I will post confirmed dates as soon as I have them.

The Blurb version of Time and Space will only exist for a couple more days. Once it’s down, it’s gone forever. So, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing one of these, this is your last chance. Up till now, I’ve made the entire book browsable using Blurb’s preview feature. But that will go, too. I may create a web presentation of the overall project as a resource, but the book will only be viewable as a 12 page sample.

Time and Space is now available for pre-orders  here, or clock on the image above.


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