New York/World Trade Center

Liberty and Washington Street (4×5 film) — © Brian Rose

Another image from my walk around the WTC site/ground zero a few weeks ago. The fire truck is answering a call from Ten House, the fire station located on the corner. In the center of the photograph is 1 WTC under construction. To the right is WTC 7, which replaced the tower that collapsed on 9/11 due to collateral damage from the falling Twin Towers. It was the first major building rebuilt on the site.

To the left of 1 WTC is a sliver of the Verizon Building, an Art Deco tower heavily damaged during 9/11, now restored. To the left of that is the new Goldman Sachs headquarters, also a post 9/11 development. To the left of Goldman are older World Financial Center buildings. On the far right is WTC 4, under construction.