New York/Lower East Side

Division Street (4×5 film) — © Brian Rose

A couple of weeks ago, Blake Andrews, a very fine photographer from Eugene, Oregon, wrote about the photo above from my book Time and Space on the Lower East Side. It’s almost embarrassing to call attention to his generous remarks, but I’m doing my best to promote this project, so I won’t avoid pointing it out whenever someone says something nice.

From Andrews’ blog:

What a shot! Everything layered and lined up just right, the weird textured chainlink and confusing tritone lamp, cars and buildings jutting at weird angles, and that little red hat balanced right where the center cannot hold. And best of all, it’s a photo of absolutely nothing! It’s everyday material. Ninety-nine out of a hundred photographers would walk right by. Not only did Rose stop but he found the one exact spot from which the shot comes together. One inch in any direction would put it out of whack. Who knows, maybe one second in any direction would do the same.

Read the whole thing here.