New York/Williamsburg

N3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn — © Brian Rose

Early morning in Williamsburg. Dropped off my son at school in the West Village. Last week before summer vacation. Email from Berlinsche Galerie. Polite, complimentary letter, but in short, not interested in my work. Picked up portfolio from MoMA, which is interested in my work, and met with curator. Talked about galleries and other career opportunities. Lugged portfolio case with 100 prints downtown via subway. Worked on design of Lower East Side book, which I might enter in the Blurb book contest. Honorable mention last year. Exchanged emails with education head at FOAM, the Amsterdam photography museum. She’s in New York. May meet tomorrow. No architecture client work on the horizon. Getting worried. Went home for dinner. Reading Grapes of Wrath to my son. Have seen the movie, but never read the book until now. Brilliant.

One thought on “New York/Williamsburg

  1. Mike C

    “Worked on design of Lower East Side book.” That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! I am looking forward to this project and BTW, good luck with the museums.

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