New York/Jack Hardy

Jack hardy (with Mandolin) and Brian Rose (yellow shirt) on stage at Folk City, the legendary folk club (late ’70s)

Jack Hardy, the songwriter, came over to my studio today to have me scan some old snapshots–some had me in them. I’ve known Jack since 1977 when I arrived in New York. I was an early participate in the songwriters exchange that Jack started and still hosts in his apartment on Houston Street. The photo above was taken while performing Jack’s “Drinking Song.”

Brian Rose and Suzanne Vega (early ’80s) — photo by Theodore Lee

There were so few pictures taken of us in those days, so one can’t really complain about the quality. I was a reluctant photographer when hanging out with my songwriter friends, not wanting to be the designated picture taker at every event. In retrospect, I should have done more. Recently, I was asked for a photograph of me and Suzanne Vega–somehow I didn’t have a single one. Well here’s one.