New York/No Photos Allowed

Crosby Street — © Brian Rose

I was drawn into Crosby Street just off Houston by the ASPCA truck with a large cat face gazing slightly upward. It was parked in front of Happy Paws Daycare with a lot of happy dogs cavorting in the windows along the street.

Unhappily there were signs on each plate glass window stating “No Photos Allowed.” Never mind the fact that a private business can not legally prevent one from taking pictures on a public street in this city or any other in the United States. See first amendment for reference.

University Place — © Brian Rose

A few blocks away I found this storefront.

One thought on “New York/No Photos Allowed

  1. K

    The sign is posted to protect the customers of the doggy daycare, the dogs wear collars around their necks with the owners last name printed on it. The “no photos” sign is posted to encourage people on the street to respect the owners property (the dogs) and to not take pictures that may end up on the internet and put the owners identities at risk.

    Although there is no way that the store can legally enforce the signage it is posted out of respect for their customers and hopefully passersby will respect the stores wishes and their clients and refrain from taking pictures.

    If you had your child in a daycare with windows facing the street you wouldn’t want strangers taking pictures of your kids would you? Those dogs are like children to their owners so please….be respectful.

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