New York/Bensonhurst

Under the El in Bensonhurst — © Brian Rose

I was in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn scouting for a client. I’m photographing a new cafeteria addition to a large public high school. The neighborhood around the subway stop is an absolutely crazy hodge podge of shops: King Henry’s entertainment kingdom, two pet stores–La Bella Pooch and the Puppy Boutique–a fresh fish store, a gunshop, the Him and Her Cafe–which serves colorful drinks to Asian people–a Columbian fast food restaurant decked out in bright orange with multiple TVs hanging from the ceiling, a car audio shop with its windows filled with dozens of trophies won for, you guessed it, car audio systems, and a photography studio, its windows filled with kitschy weddings and graduations, etc. This was all on two blocks of street under the elevated D train line, and I’m leaving stuff out.

Bensonhurst lions — © Brian Rose

Him and Her Cafe — © Brian Rose

La Bella Pooch and the Puppy Boutique — © Brian Rose

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  1. Anonymous

    wonderful, cheers for the NY hodge podge, much of which has vanished into the developed corporate arrangement. cheers for the stuff you leave out. cheers for the photos, and the photographer.

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