One thought on “New York/The Strand

  1. brnyc

    A comment left today on an earlier post in my blog archive. Thought it would be nice to move it up front.

    Here it is Sept. 2009 and I've recently found your journal. What a pleasure, what a treasure: a photographer who can see and write. I left NYC in 2005 (after 20+ years) for what's left of the country in Tennessee. I miss walking, city walks, but I find them here because I often walked the neighborhoods you photograph. I don't have your even handed temperament toward most of the city's new construction. Please allow yourself a little crude juxtaposition every now and then; if you don't, it's like being in a war and not showing the blood. But that's the tone of someone who could no longer afford the rent and refused to think about buying. Ah, New York perceived. I see I have many good hours of reading and looking and walking ahead of me. I can't tell you how good your journal is, its expression of vision and history. Thank you.

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