New York/Museum of the City of NY

John Bartelstone and Ben Diep — © Brian Rose

I’ve been to a couple of openings–one, a group show, at Aperture Gallery on Dutch landscape photography, and another, photographs of New York’s waterfront by Len Jenshel and Diane Cook. Both exhibits are worth writing about, so stay tuned for some comment once I’ve had a chance to revisit the shows.

I ran into photographer John Bartelstone, and Ben Diep, one of the best color printers around at the Jenshel/Cook opening at the Museum of the City of New York. Ben, gesturing above, is trying to figure out whether these are analogue C-prints or digital C’s from scans.

4 thoughts on “New York/Museum of the City of NY

  1. Anonymous

    Does the Journal have a search function? I was looking for your essay on Eggleston and can't remember where it was. MRI slices, a little creepy, etc. A marvelous take….I'll find it again, but wish I could find it faster.

  2. brnyc

    I need to make it easier to search for things. In the meantime, you can always Google eggleston and you'll get there.

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