New York/Canal Street

Canal Street — © Brian Rose

I was down on Canal the other day taking pictures of what is sometimes called the printing district, now updated to real estate friendly Hudson Square. Canal Street remains a tumultuous strip of cut-rate hardware, electronics, and jewelry shops, but some of its rough edges have been smoothed, as in the park above. It’s a pleasant, if over designed, replacement for a parking lot. Is there some way that New York parks could be designed with less predictable gentility?

Canal Street — © Brian Rose

A couple of blocks west there’s a more typical bit of Canal Street scruffiness. Here’s your inspiration for attempting an answer to the question above.

One thought on “New York/Canal Street

  1. Stan B.

    Remember the deserted strip of the elevated West Side Highway in the 70s? I'd take that abandoned, post apocalyptic piece of concrete over The Highline any day.

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