New York/Berlin Book

Berlin: In From the Cold (click for book website)

This November being the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall, I have put together a new book focused exclusively on my pictures of Berlin. My earlier book, The Lost Border, included many photographs of the Wall, but its focus was not primarily on Berlin, a city I have returned to repeatedly over the years. There is some overlap between the two books, but 2/3 of the images are new.

Before the Wall came down, I also made a number of images of East Berlin, which have never been seen. In from the Cold includes a dozen of these eerie images of a place seemingly frozen in time. After the Wall came down, I moved off of the border zone to some extent, photographing historical sites that resonated with the rest of my project.

The Berlin Wall, 1985 — © Brian Rose

This is a Blurb book, which means it will be printed only on demand. Perhaps, there will be a commercial version of the book eventually, but not for now. The entire book is viewable on the Blurb website, which you are invited to browse through. It’s an expensive book, but if you choose to purchase it, you will own a unique piece of history, and a very limited production book worth collecting.

I have entered Berlin: In From the Cold in the Photography.Book.Now contest sponsored by Blurb. Please feel free to leave comments on the Blurb website, and click the vote button there to show your support.