San Francisco

Crescent Cove

I finished photographing Crescent Cove on Saturday. Here’s a view from beneath the highway access ramps adjacent to the project. I still have a few loose ends to finish on other previously photographed David Baker projects. Tonight David is giving a lecture at the California College of Art, and I’m hoping to go.

Lofts on 16th Street and Rhode Island

I have a rather distorted view of San Francisco–not very hilly, industrial, and lots of modern architecture. That’s because most of what I’ve been photographing over the years has been in the area below Market Street and south into the waterfront area known as China Basin and Dogpatch. The steep hills, cable cars, Victorian houses, and stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge are found in other parts of town.

Caltrain yard with rear wall of Crescent Cove

On this trip I’ve been working in an area now called Mission Bay, which is just below the Giants ballpark and adjacent to the vast docklands of China Basin. Across the Caltrain tracks is an area at the base of Potrero Hill where you can see the blank back wall of Crescent Cove. In this area as are a number of new loft buildings like the one above.

Dogpatch from my table at Piccino cafe




On Sunday I went with my sister to a cafe in Dogpatch called Piccino. It’s a tiny place in a block with Victorian houses, and down the hill the San Francisco Hell’s Angels. We sat outside and I had the finest latte I’ve ever had made with locally roasted Blue Bottle coffee. From there we walked around the docklands of the neighborhood filled with derelict cranes, massive factory buildings, and junk yards. There’s still work going on in the area–both industrial and high tech–but on Sunday it was quite desolate.

Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco

I do know about the scenic other San Francisco, however. Here it is from a distance.

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