New York/San Francisco

Under I280 in San Francisco

Arrived in San Francisco Wednesday evening. I’m here taking pictures for David Baker, an architect best known for residential projects that engage in complex visual dialogue with the existing urban fabric. This one is a particularly difficult site shoehorned in between railroad tracks and freeway flyovers. The picture above was taken under the highway next to the project.

The weather has been beautiful. Yesterday, the Blue Angels streaked overhead repeatedly in formation. As a New Yorker, however, I’m not sure that I will ever find the sight of low flying jets reassuring.

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  1. Anonymous

    These two pictures with the overpasses in San Francisco are thrilling. The Oct 5 is exciting and muscular. The October 8 posting is my favorite. So beautifuly seen. It makes you think that this is the view the architect had in mind while designing.
    Art Presson

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