New York/Dutch Architecture

Dutch architecture in the Saturday New York Times.

One of the most prominent of the so-called baby Rems (Rem Koolhaas) is the firm of Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk. I first came across Neutelings’ work while photographing design models for a building on Mercatorplein, a public square, in Amsterdam. His proposal seemed a little cartoonish to me at the time. And some of the firm’s subsequent work edges along the line between goofball and sophisticated humor in a Robert Venturi kind of way. Whatever my ambivalence about their work, I’d love to see them do something in New York.

But see for yourself on their very clear and easy to navigate website.

The building in the Times looks gorgeous to me. The setting–the media center in Hilversum–is not so gorgeous, but you won’t see that in the pictures. Take it from me as a professional architectural photographer. You haven’t seen a building unless you’ve seen it person.

2 thoughts on “New York/Dutch Architecture

  1. jptiger

    its not in amsterdam,
    its in the town of HILVERSUM(85000). 20kilometers southeast,

  2. admin Post author

    Umm. Read the post again. I mention an early Neutelings proposal for Mercatorplein in Amsterdam, and then comment on the building illustrated in the New York Times, which is in Hilversum.

    I’m familiar with the media center in Hilversum. I’ve photographed a building there.

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