The Movies, an art house on the Haarlemerdijk

Woody Allen at The Movies on the Haarlemmerdijk

Brendan, my son, Tussen de Bogen

Continuing my walk in the neighborhood around the Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam. I photographed my son along the railroad viaduct leading in and out of Central Station. Brendan stands before a night view of the scene behind. It’s a straight shot, not a composite.

2 thoughts on “Amsterdam/Haarlemmerbuurt

  1. Adam Dorrell

    I love the harlemmerdijk. I don’t think I’ve ever found a street in the world quite like it – all the variety of shops and boutiques.

    Can I ask, would you consider adding an RSS feed to your blog? It’s great to see all the photos of the locale.


  2. Brian Rose

    I’m looking into the RSS feed. I agree that it’s a wonderful street. Especially amazing considering how unattractive it was not so many years ago.

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