New York/LES

Ludlow Street (4×5 film)

For all the new enthusiasm for modern architecture evident around town, this is still a city full of dismal brick boxes with small catalogue-ordered windows. A few years ago this one went up on Ludlow and Stanton on the Lower East Side where I am now taking photographs. Gradually, this cheap malproportioned building became a part of the scene in this most sceneful part of New York. A small fashion business rented the storefront, an advertising banner draped the almost blind facade on Ludlow, and grafitti adorned the sides of this wall/building.

I took this picture one recent summer evening as the sun was going down. It was a Friday or Saturday, as I recall, and a red rope was already waiting for patrons of Pianos, a club just to the right of the picture. Red and green, lots of rectangles, ghosting figures, a dog, a bucket, bicycles, dresses, “Chloé.”

2 thoughts on “New York/LES

  1. Anonymous

    Love this time of day, natural light going down, artificial light coming up. Ancient Chinese Secret in lower left corner. Grace in the light granted to dogs and pianos and brick boxes alike.

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