New York/LES

Houston and Ludlow Streets

Returned to New York on Friday, and on Saturday got out with the view camera to hit a few spots on the Lower East Side. I had previously noted the view looking toward Katz’s Deli on Houston and Ludlow. Three buildings are going up in close proximity, one occupying a former parking lot, and the other two infill entailing some demolition. There are some very tall structures going up in the neighborhood, undoubtedly using transferred air rights from adjacent properties. Katz’s, of course, is one of the historical monuments of culinary culture on the Lower East Side. “Send a salami to your boy in the army.”

Norfolk Street, Blue and the Switch Building

I walked from there down Norfolk Street to the condo development Blue at Delancey Street. I did a view looking south on Norfolk that included another new apartment building called the Switch Building because of its zig zag window treatment. I took a couple of more photos from the traffic island in Delancey Street showing the Bernard Tschumi tower and the surrounding architectural and commercial cacophany of the neighborhood.